Amazingly, Dancing with the Stars NZ continues despite Naz's untimely and controversial departure from the show. And as surely as the sun rises and sets, the power rankings come in.

Is hype around the All Blacks out of all proportion in this country? Alex Braae went to the first squad naming of the year to see just how big a deal it all is, and talk to a player with a unique perspective on it all.

The Best Of

It might seem unbelievable to today's students, but it's true: once upon a time students regularly drank in bars, lured there by cheap drinks and a crude culture of excess

Alex Casey goes on an odyssey to discover the fate of Auckland’s disposable sanitary waste.

Almost universally, men's online dating biographies are terrible. Madeleine Holden recently launched a modest enterprise to help.

With the government’s relationship with RNZ rocky, is moving Q+A to primetime a deftly timed olive branch?

Overseas gambling site JackpotCity is getting around legal restrictions to advertise on NZ television – then using aggressive sales tactics to keep vulnerable gamblers hooked.

The way we sign up to trade deals must change, and parliament needs to lead the process to prevent flawed agreements like the TPP getting through.

The Labour-led government has missed its chance to help those in the worst poverty

He was eager to burnish his fiscal responsibility credentials on his first outing. In doing so he has conjured up a neoliberal triumph

The Labour-led government has delivered a restrained and cautious Budget in its first year, keeping money in the kitty instead of a major spend up, writes Craig McCulloch in this summary …

The label public-private partnership is a misnomer for approaches that are ill-suited to solve the problems in our public sector, writes the head of the PSA

As we entered week five of Survivor we were yet to see a man go home. Would this finally be the week? Yes, yes it would.

The royal wedding is tomorrow, and The Spinoff has a correspondent on the ground for all the late-breaking Meghan and Harry news. Let's check in with him.

Alex Casey dissects episode five of The Handmaid’s Tale, including the march of the child brides and a lovely holiday to the colonies. Contains spoilers, obviously.

Obsessed with the royal wedding and not sure what to do with the few hours that are left in the lead-up? Proud royal(wedding)ist Tara Ward shares her pre-planning schedule.

The Real Pod assembles to dissect the week in New Zealand pop culture and real life, with special thanks to Nando’s.

Every week on The Primer we ask a local business or product to introduce themselves in eight simple takes. This week we talk to Little Angels founder Heather Baker.

Welcome to the Cheat Sheet, a clickable, shareable, bite-sized FAQ on the news of the moment. Today, are minimum wage workers being exploited and underpaid?

Hawke's Bay juice makers The Apple Press say they don't care about looks, just "good taste and low-waste".

Nine complaints made to regulator following Spinoff investigation published last week.

This week on The Primer we talk to Parkable co-founder Brody Nelson whose business is using technology to shake up traditional parking.

For The Spinoff Music, the big question of the day isn't what dress Meghan Markle is going to wear, but what song she'll be dancing to with Harry. Thanks to Spotify, here's our best guess.

Everyone loves a cameo, and JessB has them all for you in her new music video for 'Set It Off.

This episode: We talk to Auckland emo band Carb on Carb.

In 2000, Fur Patrol dominated the New Zealand singles chart with 'Lydia'. 18 years later, 'Lydia' is finally streaming on Spotify. We pay tribute to this New Zealand classic.

The prime minister talks all-ages shows, the problems facing the music industry and whether she ever considered a career in music.

JackpotCity gets around NZ laws to advertise on television in a scheme that grooms gamblers. Where is the moral response?

Kiwi journalist in London Jono Hutchison took the train to Windsor to join the Royal Wedding crowds. This was his day.

Kirsty Johnston diagnosed toxic masculinity in the country, but turns out she is completely wrong!

It should have generated disgust and protest, but the trade union movement was largely quiet.

Former YHANZ board member and Opoutere YHA member Mark Ebrey argues that the national board of the Youth Hostel Association is losing touch with the people that really matter – it's members.

Today is Pink Shirt Day an international initiative aimed at ending bullying. Here, Kiri Speirs shares her daughter Zoe's story.

The second season of the teen series 13 Reasons Why will be online tomorrow night. Spinoff Parents editor Emily Writes outlines what you need to know – because your teen will be watching this show.

What is it like to be the mum of a prolific biter and hair-puller? Anya Whitlock details the pain, the frustration, and what's secretly the worst part of all.

Children are sponges, they say. So why, asks Emily Holdaway, won't radio give some thought to the kids who are adopting the incorrect pronunciation they hear on a daily basis?

Here's to strong women - may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.

Competing North Island iwi groups Tauranga Moana and Pare Hauraki were on track to negotiate a tikanga process for Treaty settlement talks – face to face, on the marae, no lawyers. Then the government changed hands and tikanga went out the window.

If we’re serious about improving youth participation in politics, we need the Don Brash’s of the world to get out of the way and support the establishment of Māori wards.

Three extraordinary women have taken their design and architecture skills and created a training programme for some of the country's most vulnerable rangatahi.

Studies show high levels of racial bias and discrimination in schools continues to disadvantage Māori and Pasifika children. Some say a new initiative has already yielded results but isn't getting the support it needs. 

Former Green MP Catherine Delahunty makes the case for a new ministry.

Olympic cyclist and America's Cup cyclor Simon Van Velthooven talks to Madeleine Chapman about the increasingly important role of technology in sport.

At Techweek‘18 the people leading New Zealand’s innovation and technological revolution share their secrets. We asked the experts for their festival recommendations.

If a fuel tax is the best way to fund Auckland’s development, Councillor Efeso Collins asks that the benefits be invested in the people the tax will affect most - those in his Manukau ward.

Planned and implemented in the right way, these projects can lead to the creation of high quality urban places at the same time as reducing the need for travel, writes urban designer Alistair Ray.

If you've ever caught one of Auckland's Link buses, you've probably spent a good chunk of the ride sitting at a bus stop, not moving.

Bringing you the best weekly reading from your friendly local website.

David Farrier has slowly been going crazy trying to get an answer about who’s actually behind the odd film festival that might not even play your stupid film anyway.

Bringing you the best weekly reading from your friendly local website.

As expected, every single award last night was won by the Spinoff, to universal acclaim.

Social media can be an effective tool for police in finding missing persons and suspects. But where is the line and was it crossed this week?

The highly anticipated sequel to the 2013's cult hit, State of Decay 2 feels like three steps forward and two steps back.

It's the second episode of our new comedy Dungeons and Dragons podcast! Welcome back to Waterdeep Mountain High, a below average school in the mystical land of Faerun.

Half sports tournament, half trade show, all technology, all vaguely foreign to him. This is gaming editor's Sam Brooks' diary of the Intel Extreme Masters tournament in Sydney, where he spent three days last weekend.

If you're tired of crushing candies and playing meaningless virtual card games, we've something else to distract you from the mindless grind that is your commute.

All that glitters is not golden, and the websites of our youth are no exception. We explore the dark underside of the not-so-pure browser-based games Neopets and Habbo Hotel.

New verse by Wellington writer Harry Ricketts.

The week's best-selling books at the Unity stores in Willis St, Wellington, and High St, Auckland.

A new book of translated Maori verse joins Taika Waititi "in his calling out of language laziness". So why is that the authors were ignored by a literary festival looking for new voices? An essay by the book's co-editor, Vana Manasiadis.

Amy Goldstein wanted to know what happened to the ordinary people impacted by the GFC. She tells Duncan Greive about the extraordinary book she wrote showing what happened after GM shut its oldest manufacturing plant.

The Spinoff Review of Books editor Steve Braunias writes an appreciation of Diana Wichtel, who has just been announced as the winner of the best book of non-fiction at the Ockham New Zealand national book awards.

What might happen to the ecology, economy and overall quality of life in our distant isles?

This weekend marks the release of Dancing With Atoms, veteran filmmaker Shirley Horrock's tribute to physicist Sir Paul Callaghan. Don Rowe talks to Horrocks about his life and legacy.

On the first ever International Day of Light, Prof David Hutchinson outlines how the science of light is changing the world of computing, manufacturing, agriculture and medicine in New Zealand and around the world.

The arguments for ditching your four-wheel addiction are overwhelming, writes public health expert Caroline Shaw

What is it like to have a disease that nobody can 'see' and which society can shame you for talking about?

Simon Pound speaks to Natalie Robinson of Mum's Garage about how to support and guide founders through the beginning stages of an idea.

Simon Pound celebrates a milestone for the Business is Boring podcast, and shares highlights from the past 100 episodes.

Simon Pound talks to Glen Herud about the problems with the modern dairy industry, how he tried to do things differently at his company Happy Cow Milk – and why it ultimately failed.

Ahead of the premiere of a new documentary on the life and work of Sir Paul Callaghan, a few of his friends and colleagues – including Anne Salmond, Bill Manhire, Nicola Gaston and Shaun Hendy – share their memories of the great man.

The Real Pod assembles to dissect the week in New Zealand pop culture and real life, with special thanks to Nando’s.

For The Spinoff Music, the big question of the day isn't what dress Meghan Markle is going to wear, but what song she'll be dancing to with Harry. Thanks to Spotify, here's our best guess.

Alex Casey dissects episode five of The Handmaid’s Tale, including the march of the child brides and a lovely holiday to the colonies. Contains spoilers, obviously.

A few hours hours before the budget is announced to the public, journalists and other interested parties get a preview in a secure room deep inside the Beehive. This year, Jess McAllen was among them.

How did Grant Robertson and co fare? Experts from across a range of sectors give their verdicts.

The Budget's R&D spend looks less than futuristic, says Grant Thornton's Greg Thompson.

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