Turning Māori Language Week into a life-long celebration of te reo and whānau

Nichole Brown shares her love of Te Reo Māori and her hope that together we can turn Te Wiki O Te Reo Māori into more than a week-long celebration of a beautiful language.

How did a 77-year-old white guy become the go-to media voice on Māori issues?

If Don Brash can be invited onto national television to speak about Māori language week then I can speak about almost anything too.

Speak Māori to me! Letting people know you’re keen to kōrero Māori

What if there was a way you could show your willingness to kōrero Māori with others in public? 

Oral traditions show that early Māori recognised the extinction of the moa

After Europeans arrived, moa were used a metaphor for the feared extinction of Māori themselves, write the authors of a new study.

Ātea Archive

The Port of Tauranga has become a megachurch: too big to touch

Pipi beds die and algae blooms, but iwi are repeatedly told 'there's nothing to see here', writes Graham Cameron.

When ‘good’ is the enemy of ‘great’

‘How do you recognise what’s preventing you from experiencing your potential if you’re not aware of it, or don’t know what it looks like?’

Whakawhiti te rā: New Zealand sport, haka and the Māori perspective

From an erratic flailing of limbs to the psychological powerhouse we know today, little is known about how haka developed into a steadfast tradition in New Zealand sport.

Learning to live by the maramataka: Mahuru

Ayla Hoeta shares insights into the tohu of the whenua, rangi and moana for the maramataka in Mahuru (September).

Preying on the weak: Māori and Pasifika hit hard with problem gambling

Māori and Pasifika are disproportionately represented in problem gambling figures and it's time targeted efforts were made to reduce harm.

Parakore: how Māori business is embracing the zero waste movement

Our landfills are approaching capacity and our country is lacking the necessary infrastructure to support reuse, recycle and composting programmes. Two Māori businesses are helping create waste solutions by championing product stewardship. 

Māori medical students: ‘It was just blatant, dumb-arse racism’

Māori students studying medicine at the University of Otago say they're fed up with the ignorance they face over the way they are selected into their second year of study.

The Criminal Justice Summit: a ‘talk-fest’ where Māori men went largely unheard

Journalist Aaron Smale went along to the Criminal Justice Summit hosted in Porirua last week, and discovered one crucial missing voice.

Is New Zealand exploiting prison workers?

US prisoners went on strike last week. And the conditions they're protesting aren't that different to those in New Zealand.

The Māori lawyer fighting for indigenous rights all over the world

With a career that's taken her from Whakatāne to Otago, to Harvard and the front lines of Standing Rock, lawyer Natalie Coates has fought for Māori and indigenous rights wherever she's been needed.

Maioha Award finalists: fearless navigators negotiating ever-shifting tides

The five finalists of APRA's Maioha Award were announced today. We looks at the final five and their place in the future of te reo Māori.

Māori don’t need Chris Hipkins to tell us what’s best for our mokopuna

Shane Te Pou looks at the Ministry of Education's plans to close down the current charter school model, and what it means for Māori education.