Summer reissue: The fire inside – eating at Auckland’s most remarkable restaurant

Simon Wilson eats at Pasture, the restaurant that cooks with fire and fermentation and a very singular vision.

All quiet on the West Lynn front?

There are protest signs all over Grey Lynn, but who do they really represent? Jolisa Gracewood and Max Robitzsch present the case for better bike riding and good planning in Auckland's inner west.

The Spinoff Reviews New Zealand #51: the Christmas lights of West Auckland

Why does everyone still head to the Franklin Road festive display when Auckland has others that are so much better?

Ten ways to make Auckland a glorious city of the night

How can Auckland create a bigger, stronger and more rewarding night-time economy? Simon Wilson sets out a 10-point plan.

Auckland Archive

The kauri, the Waitakere and the rāhui

What exactly, asks Simon Wilson, has the council decided to do about kauri dieback? Why did the Maori board members contradict themselves and which trails have been closed?

Why is Auckland slowly strangling its art gallery?

The Auckland Art Gallery is under threat - from a council that ought to know better.

The food critic and the rookie head to KFC

Last week food critic Simon Wilson took rookie fine diner Madeleine Chapman to upmarket restaurant The Grove. Then she took him to her restaurant of choice – here are their reviews of KFC.

The critic and the rookie: dining out at one of Auckland’s most expensive restaurants

Fine dining and fast food: who likes what best? The Spinoff’s intrepid food writers Simon Wilson and Madeleine Chapman have been checking out the high life and the fast life, starting with top Auckland restaurant, The Grove.

Has the council done enough to save the Waitakere Ranges kauri?

The council has voted to close tracks in the Waitakere Ranges Regional Park and spend a lot more money trying to stop the spread of kauri dieback. But, asks Simon Wilson, is it enough?

Build, build, build: Why housing supply matters

Yes, Auckland does need more houses. Urban planner Joe Jeffries explains why.

The extraordinary incompetence of Auckland Transport

Auckland Transport is busily wrecking the suburbs of the city’s inner west. A long hard look at how that happened – and who's fighting it.

No, not 9% and not 6.2% either: The real figures for Auckland’s new rates

Is it 1.4%, 2.5%, 6.2%, 9% or something else? Simon Wilson explains how much Auckland rates are really going to rise under the mayor’s new proposal – and wonders why some of the reporting has been so confusing.

How a long-delayed report reveals the true value of rail to New Zealand

Greater Auckland's Matt Lowrie looks at the hidden benefits of rail outlined in a 2016 NZTA report released just this week, which transport minister Phil Tywford says was intentionally sat on by the previous government.

Why we can’t simply build our way out of the housing crisis

The new coalition government has made a start on addressing the housing crisis with the just-announced independent housing review. But Jenny McArthur warns that Labour's proposed KiwiBuild policy could risk adopting solutions that actually fuel the problems they claim to solve, reinforcing inequality for decades to come.

The photo exhibition that wants you to steal the art off the walls

Shoot, print, steal - it's a motto which has taken renegade photo exhibition Paper Pirates across the globe. Ahead of their first New Zealand show in four years, Don Rowe speaks to co-founder Tim Lambourne. 

What happened to ‘not one more metre’? Council approves cruise ship wharf extensions

Last week Auckland Council voted to build an extension on Queens Wharf: a fixed walkway to two moored “dolphin” buoys, stretching 80-85 metres further into the harbour. Simon Wilson was at the meeting and asks, how the hell did that happen?