The day Grant Dalton backed down

Team New Zealand manager Grant Dalton didn’t turn up to the council meeting today, to decide where the America’s Cup syndicates should be based. As Simon Wilson reports, he already knew he wasn’t going to get his way.

Briefs: Close Encounters is theatre at its most fun - and most subversive

After a rocking season last year, Briefs Factory returns with their new show Briefs: Close Encounters. Sam Brooks responds to the two very different sides to the show, and how the company marries them.

Why is Grant Dalton so unpatriotic? And other vital questions about the America’s Cup

Auckland Council meets today to debate where to site the America’s Cup syndicates. Simon Wilson has some questions.

A tale of property, rates and bullshit

Auckland Council has released the city’s new property valuations and some people who should know better have taken the chance to say all sorts of stupid things. Simon Wilson sets them straight.

The Ponsonby Central mural saga and the exploitative nature of ‘art competitions’

It all started with a competition by Ponsonby Central asking for artists to submit their ideas on what to paint on its Brown Street wall. But when criticism over pay started to roll in, the Auckland restaurant complex deleted negative comments on its social media, escalating the whole affair into a full-blown standoff. Illustrator Sloane Kim takes us through the saga.