No to elections: maybe we should only have them every four years?

We are all over it, aren't we, this election that won't quit. But is it also bad for business? Kirk Hope of BusinessNZ asks whether a longer cycle between voting would be better for all of us.

Sharesies the love: how an online investing startup took flight

It's only been going since June, so how did startup Sharesies capture thousands of customers and over $1 million of their hard-earned money? Rebecca Stevenson caught up with Sharesies founder Sonya Williams to find out how they did it.

The Kiwi face mask breathing new life into clean air

Combining the power of US capital and Kiwi engineering, O2O2 Facewear is on the forefront of anti-pollution technology. Jihee Junn talks to CEO Dan Bowden about how the future of filtration is transparent. 

The new work order

If robots are going to be the accountants, what is the point of getting a degree? Rebecca Stevenson reports on the future of work, and finds old skills are getting a new relevance.

Why Social Enterprises need ‘new clothes’

Social enterprises often operate as limited liability companies, but new legal structures to govern them have been introduced in a number of countries. Lawyer Steven Moe argues we need new options in New Zealand.