Kiwi AS? The rules for claiming Made in New Zealand

Made in New Zealand. Four words that attract a premium price. But who says what's Kiwi made and what's not? 

Those WORLD T-shirts: Dame Denise L’Estrange-Corbet responds

The outspoken ethical fashion champion has contacted the Spinoff with further comments about the garments that were manufactured offshore but boast 'Made in NZ' tags.

T-Shirts from Bangladesh. Sequin patches from China. Sold by WORLD as ‘Made in New Zealand’

A Spinoff investigation reveals ethical fashion pioneer WORLD as stocking garments made in Bangladesh and China, despite their being labeled 'Made in New Zealand'.

Why we’re fighting for a vote on The Trusts’ West Auckland alcohol monopoly

There's a growing discontent about the licensing trusts' monopoly in West Auckland.

Business Archive

Who is reclusive Kiwi billionaire Christopher Chandler? And is he a Russian spy?

A British politician claims he has evidence that the billionaire might be secretly working for Russian intelligence services. So who is the New Zealander at the centre of a bubbling Brexit scandal?

The waste-busting business that wants to help you reduce household rubbish

In this week's Primer, we talk to Kristy Lorson, the founder of popular Facebook group Zero Waste in NZ!, about her latest business venture, EarthSavvy.

Monzo: The app-only bank that’s simplifying the Kiwi OE

Monzo has captured a loyal and growing following among New Zealanders living in Britain who struggle to open a traditional bank account. Nicola Kean caught up with Monzo's Kiwi 'squad captain' Fred Morgan.

Bad Bugs: Ranking the creepy crawlies threatening our economy

Don Rowe takes a deep dive into the disgusting to rank the diseases and bugs currently plaguing our shores, threatening our agriculture and tourism industries.

What is the ‘Amazon tax’ and why does it matter?

In today's Cheat Sheet, we take a look at the so-called 'Amazon tax' and what it means for local retailers and consumers.

Who’s the most innovative hi-tech service of them all?

With the winners of the Hi-Tech Awards set to be announced later this month, Jihee Junn takes a look at the talented four nominated for Most Innovative Hi-Tech Service.

Ten numbers that show we’re getting ripped off for petrol

A leaked email from a BP manager has exposed the tactics fuel retailers employ to increase prices at the pump. But do we all just pay too much anyway?

Alibaba is coming for Amazon’s online-shopping crown

Jihee Junn travelled to its headquarters in China to see Alibaba's complex ecosystem in action and find out New Zealand companies are using it to leverage their entry into the Chinese market.

Magichollow wants to change your mind about vintage clothing

Max Tetlow talks to the founder of Magichollow, Laura Wright, about how she took her business from a simple online webstore to Auckland's premier vintage destination.

Banking inquiry revelations are rocking Australia. What would a NZ inquiry reveal?

New Zealanders might complain about their banks but all signs suggest a Royal Commission into the industry here would fail to uncover serious problems, writes Massey Business School's Dr Claire Matthews.

The taxpayer has spent $1.48 billion to bail out AMI. Does anyone care?

Amid all the controversy over EQC re-repairs cost overruns, little attention has been paid to the huge amounts we're paying to bail out Southern Response, the agency formed to take over private insurer AMI's earthquake claims.

Cheat sheet: What’s up with Air New Zealand’s Dreamliner fleet?

What on earth is going on with Air New Zealand's new Boeings?