The forgotten friend: Renewing our Japanese trade ties

With the rise of China, Japan has taken something of a backseat in trade discussions. Lawyer Steven Moe says New Zealand's relationship with the world's third largest economy is still going strong, but may need some TLC.

Adding up the little things: How Callaghan’s Māori team is unearthing the next big Māori business

A review into the Government innovation agency published last year found weaknesses with its management, but its Māori unit was singled out for praise. Rebecca Stevenson caught up with Callaghan's Hēmi Rolleston to find out how its helping Māori entrepreneurs build their businesses.

Queenstown ‘superhost’ pockets $2.9 million a year from Airbnb guests

As New Zealand faces pressure to cool its overheated housing market, top-earning Airbnb hosts in two of our hardest-squeezed cities are raking in million-dollar fortunes.

Rowan Simpson and his founder-centric approach to being a company director

Rowan Simpson really doesn't need to keep working, but he does. Simon Pound finds out why.

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Head to head: testing tech giant Uber against local challenger Zoomy

It's ridesharing app versus ridesharing app as global juggernaut Uber and local upstart Zoomy go head to head. Which one is fastest, cheapest and easiest to use?

Could lab-grown fish be the answer to the over-fishing crisis?

Aquaculture has been touted as a panacea for collapsing fish stocks, but comes with environmental baggage. Food futurist Dr Rosie Bosworth says 'clean fish' – grown in a lab – could be the most sustainable fish stock of all.

How not to be a dick to retail workers this Christmas

'Tis the season to be jolly, unless, you work in retail that is. Long hours and bustling crowds mean the holiday season can turn into a living hell for those working through the thick of it. So to make life just a little bit easier, a handful of retail workers offer their best tips on how not to make shop assistants hate you this Christmas.

Minimum wage hike or tax cut: What’s the best way to get money into low income earners’ pockets?

The Government has announced an increase in the minimum wage. But low income earners could be better off with an change in the tax brackets instead, accountant Terry Baucher says.

The unbanked: How startups are taking financial services to the streets

It's estimated about 2 billion people are 'unbanked' and not using traditional banking services, but Mark Thomas finds startups are creating a new financial services industry, often outside the watchful eye of banking regulators.

Off course: the pricey private education which left its students indebted and fuming

Unlicensed course materials and substandard teaching at a private tertiary institution connected to New Zealand’s education royalty have left students indebted and fuming. Don Rowe investigates.

A week living under the watchful eye of Nest

Google sister company and darling of the smart home industry Nest has finally arrived in New Zealand. Jihee Junn tries out its range of safety and security products, concluding that while Nest might not be for everyone, stalking people on camera sure is a hell of a lot of fun.

Xero is leaving, but don’t count out the NZX

Xero’s announcement that it will list solely on the ASX has ruffled some feathers. But if publicly listed companies are looking for better access to funds for growth, there’s no reason to write the New Zealand Stock Exchange off just yet, Mark Hattersley says.

Why does online shopping turn us all into rabid libertarians?

Last week Labour announced that all online purchases would – finally – incur GST. Then, almost immediately, they backed the hell away. Duncan Greive explains why they were right first time.

The too hard basket: Breaking the link between disability and poverty

Less than half of New Zealanders with disabilities are in paid employment. New research from the Maxim Institute suggests employers are missing out by focusing on the cost of accommodating an employee with a disability. 

The battle over a chicken-alike label is a sign of the meat wars to come

Meat substitute company Sunfed Meats is being taken to the Commerce Commission, accused of misleading consumers over its chicken-free chicken. Jihee Junn looks at how such stoushes are becoming increasingly common as the meat and dairy industries begin to fight back.

Generation Rent Investment Guide: What to know about managed funds

Priced out of the housing market? Don't lose heart. In the third part of a series on alternatives to property investment for 'Generation Rent', Jenée Tibshraeny looks at managed funds. They'll cost you more in fees than their index-tracking equivalents, but are the returns worth it?