How a student journalist brought out the Trump in Winston

As a journalist at a student magazine, Joel MacManus wrote a straightforward report on a speech given by Winston Peters. In return, Peters called him a moron and questioned whether he deserved to be in university.

‘Her journalism lives on, her legacy is strong’: Kamahl Santamaria on Yasmine Ryan

Tributes have abounded today for Yasmine Ryan, who has died in Turkey. On a recent trip home she joined Gavin Ellis to discuss doing journalism in some of the world's most volatile places.

McFury: a brief history of misbehaviour at McDonald’s

A New Zealand man was charged this week with drink driving after a chicken nugget inspired rampage in a Sydney McDonald's. As a quick Google reveals, he wasn't the first and he won't be the last to lose his shit at the Golden Arches. 

Live every moment: A fanboy farewells The Worst Idea Of All Time

Tonight, in Los Angeles, the New Zealand podcast phenomenon The Worst Idea Of All Time comes to a close. Tom Augustine pays tribute to the show that took a terrible idea and transformed it into art.

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RNZ boss: why we’re dedicated to the use of te reo

The debate shows how far we have come as a nation – and how far we still have to go, writes the RNZ chief executive.

A chat with the star of the best bad movie ever made

Alex Casey talks to Greg Sestero, star of The Room and author of The Disaster Artist, a book about a movie that's now a movie of its own. 

The best of The Spinoff this week: veni, vidi, Veitchy

Bringing you the best weekly reading from your friendly local website. 

We’ve found it: the worst column of 2017

With 2017 coming to a close, one brave fisherman has thrown his hat in the Worst Opinions ring with a rant against te reo and those who dare speak it. Madeleine Chapman responds.

Ghostbusters + The Fresh Prince + Thriller = A multimedia performance about nostalgia and grief

Henry Oliver talks to Ross Sutherland, a British poet whose VHS performance piece Standby for Tape Back-Up, a multimedia meditation on memory, meaning and grief, is on in Auckland and Wellington this week.

Good: Tony Veitch is no longer appearing on Sky’s new ‘hard-hitting’ panel show

The broadcaster has bowed to a wave of public anger by quitting the sports pilot – though Sky sources suggest he would have been ousted regardless.

Why is Sky bringing Tony Veitch back to our TVs?

Convicted domestic abuser Tony Veitch is returning to television, he has announced. Madeleine Holden wonders why abusers like Veitch continue to be given prominent public platforms.

Please pray for these Aucklanders whose homes are making too much money

Spare a thought for the true victims of the housing crisis, beseeches Hayden Donnell

I ran the Paddles the Cat Twitter account

He was an underemployed journalism graduate who on a whim created a Twitter account for PM Jacinda Ardern's cat Paddles. And then it went viral.

‘Open your mouth’: 20 examples of sexism in the workplace in New Zealand

When journalist Angela Cuming was sent a "grossly inappropriate and offensive" "joke" by a Hamilton City Councillor she called the behaviour out online. It sparked a discussion about the everyday sexism women face in the workplace, assembled by Emily Writes.

That time I starred in a ‘stranger danger’ internet safety ad

'You’ve seen what’s on his screen – imagine what’s on his mind' warned the voiceover in a 1999 PSA about online paedophiles. The ad's star Joseph Nunweek remembers its filming, and reflects on how our perception of internet safety has changed in the years since.

Confessions of an ex-social media influencer

Rachel Klaver (nee Goodchild) was one of the pioneers of New Zealand lifestyle blogging, gaining a dedicated following for her witty and insightful writing on topics from internet dating to diets. That meant she got free stuff – a lot of it. But was it all really worth it?