How Lorde and Jack Antonoff changed pop music

From Lorde's whisper-pop to Jack Antonoff's anti-irony, Elle Hunt dissects how pop music is changing in after nearly 20 years in a Max Martin sugar rush.

Cheat sheet: What is the New Zealand Music Industry Manifesto?

Welcome to the Cheat Sheet, a clickable, shareable, bite-sized FAQ on the news of the moment. Today we figure out what the New Zealand Music Industry Manifesto means for local music.

Best Songs Ever: Attn Pavement fans, a new Malkmus classic just rode into town

Our regular round-up of new songs and singles, featuring Tommy Genesis, Stephen Malkmus, Rhye, Transistor, Kehlani and more…

Nostalgia Festival: Contemporary music in a replica 19th century colonial village

James Dann talks to Nostalgia Festival director Johnny Gibson ahead of the festival's fifth iteration this weekend.

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FAFSWAG’s Akashi Fisi’inaua: ‘Institutions need us. And not the other way round’

Emmaline Matagi talks to Akashi Fisi’inaua (aka Queen Kapussi), Vogue Ballroom chanter and member of FAFSWAG, whose Xhrome Xhrysalis project is part of this year's Pride Festival.

Weezer on the Black Album, their favourite music videos and touring with Dave Grohl

Before opening for the inimitable Foo Fighters on Saturday night, Rivers Cuomo and Scott Shriner of Weezer sat down with Jihee Junn to talk about what's changed (and what hasn't) during the band's 20+ years making music.

Album Review: Justin Timberlake, Man Who Went Camping Once

Comedian and Justin Timberlake fan Eli Matthewson reviews JT's new country-tinged album, Man of the Woods.

EXCLUSIVE: The Venus Project ‘Won’t Hurt’ live video premiere

The Spinoff presents the live video premiere of Broods’ Georgia Nott's all-female produced solo project The Venus Project.

Folk singer Julie Byrne: ‘Music is a space where I don’t have to conceal my pain’

Martyn Pepperell talks to American folk-singer and park ranger Julie Byrne before her two shows with Nadia Reid this weekend in Christchurch this weekend.

‘They didn’t disempower us after all’: Coco Solid drops a Waitangi Day mixtape

Jessie Moss talks to Coco Solid about her upcoming mixtape, what Waitangi Day means to her, and how she stays cool on these increasingly muggy days.

No, really: New Zealanders are being sued for asking Lorde to boycott Israel

The NZ authors of an open letter are being pursued under an Israeli law designed to prevent ‘damage to the state of Israel through boycott’. But is it a serious threat? Law professor Andrew Geddis writes.

How to soundtrack your life with Shania Twain

Kate Robertson has, on occasion, soundtracked her life entirely with Shania Twain. Here's how you can too.

Pod on the Couch: RIP Grant Fell, cultural connector and Headless Chicken

Henry Oliver talks to Russell Brown about Grant Fell, member of Headless Chickens, who passed away this week.

15 years of Die! Die! Die! – the punk band that won’t, y’know, die

Music editor and former member of Die! Die! Die! Henry Oliver talks to his ex-bandmates about making music together for nearly 20 years.

Laneway Festival 2018: Auckland at its best

Thousands came to celebrate Auckland's anniversary at Laneway Festival in a sun soaked Albert Park. Simon Day shares his favourite memories of a very good (and very hot) day. 

And the Grammy goes to… Who knows, but here are our predictions

Is Melodrama the best album of the year? We'll know definitively on Monday (*irony warning*), but in the meantime, Elle Hunt predicts the winners of the 60th Annual Grammy Awards.