DJ duo Optimo: Krautrock and techno and disco! Oh my!

Optimo, the Glaswegian DJ duo of JD Twitch and JG Wilkes, are a byword for open-minded, anything-goes club nights. Stevie Kaye talks to the duo ahead of their return to New Zealand this weekend.

Dominic ‘Tourettes’ Hoey’s Tour Diary Vol. 2: 'Arson is the new graffiti'

Dominic Hoey (aka Tourettes) reports from his 17-town tour of New Zealand with singer-songwriter Skyscraper Stan and side-kick Josh Jugum. 

Glitoris and Geordie Shore: A day at Beats and Eats, MTV's festival of unashamed indulgence

MTV Beats and Eats is an Australian festival which indulges in all the guilty pleasures we never admit and Kate Robertson is here for it.