Turning sorrow into glass: Celebrating the return of Robyn

Last week, Robyn released 'Missing U', her first solo single in since 2010. Ellen Falconer writes about the Swedish pop artist's enduring relevance and the incredibly therapeutic power of her music.

A collaboration, not a culture clash: The NZSO and The Phoenix Foundation, reviewed!

The NZSO and The Phoenix Foundation performed their Celebrate! show last night at the Michael Fowler Centre in Wellingto

Powerstation owner defends, then cancels hosting Southern-Molyneux show (updated)

'The Powerstation is a blank canvas,' says owner after organisers reveal alt-right duo Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux will appear at beloved music venue. 

Give Up Your Dreams: Samuel Flynn Scott on The Phoenix Foundation’s 20th Anniversary

On longevity, listening to your old work and the band's four-date tour with the NZSO to celebrate their 20th anniversary.

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‘I should write about stuff like this night right here’: An oral history of Home Brew’s Last Week EP

Home Brew’s needle-shifting Last Week EP was released 10 years ago this month. Sam Wicks talks to the people who brought the unapologetically local project to life.

EXCLUSIVE: High Beams ‘Red Wine’ video premiere

The video premiere of High Beams (IllBaz, Melodownz and Raiza Biza) 'Red Wine' video, the New Zealand Goodfellas (or, Goodfullas).

Don’t kill my vibe: How to use your phone at a show

These are the definitive rules for using your phone at a concert.

Why shouldn’t we celebrate? SWIDT’s new EP, reviewed

The "most electrifying rap group in entertainment" extend their impeccable run with new EP, The Most Electrifying. Jogai Bhatt reviews.

Dudley Benson’s ‘Zealandia’: Inside one of the most expensive and ambitious records in NZ music history

Dudley Benson premieres his new video ‘Zealandia’ and speaks about his high concept political album that’s been eight years and $90,000 in the making.

Josie Moon: A synesthetic indie-pop artist on the rise

An indie-pop act on the rise, inspired as much by imagery and colours as it is by musical ideas.

EXCLUSIVE: The Miltones ‘Disappear’ video premiere

The Miltones' new video 'Disappear' shot in Auckland's iconic Civic theatre.

Jon Toogood’s The Adults: ‘I’m bored of hearing me. I didn’t make the record to hear me’

Jon Toogood, frontman of evergreen rockers Shihad, about the new record of his collaborative project The Adults.

Cruisin’ on the Interislander: A loving tribute to New Zealand music’s worst gig

Playing onboard the Interislander, one of the most important (and worst) shows in the country.

Review: Kendrick Lamar live in Auckland

The performance of Kendrick Lamar's hip hop carries special meaning for New Zealand's minorities, Tamsyn Matchett writes. 

The biggest band in New Zealand history are doing everything wrong

Six60 are as much a business as a band, and have broken every rule in music on their way to historically unprecedented success, writes lapsed music critic and Six60 hater Duncan Greive.

Get to know Amber Maya, our musical guest tonight on The Spinoff TV

Alex Casey talks to Bajan-New Zealander Amber Maya about her music, going to school with Rihanna and how best to bury a body.