Is there anything good on HEIHEI for pre-schoolers?

HEIHEI says its programming is targeted at five to nine year olds, but Thalia Kehoe Rowden finds plenty that’s great for pre-schoolers. Here are the best shows for littlies – and a few to avoid.

I’m pregnant and I’m going to be a dad

Scout Barbour-Evans is pregnant and will be a dad. Here at The Spinoff Parents they share what it has been like so far.

Parents aren’t soft for not letting their kids walk to school

Why Mike Hosking's wrong, and why parents are right to be concerned for the safety of their children while walking to school.

How you can help Australia’s caged children

Thalia Kehoe Rowden spoke to some mums living in Nauru, waiting for years to be welcomed to a new country.

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Let’s end the school lunch moralising

Food policing and lunchbox shaming has got to stop. Well intentioned as it may be, it's not working – and it's hurting our most vulnerable families, writes Dr Rebekah Graham.

Emily Writes: You’re a bad parent with fat horrible children

Spinoff Parents Emily Writes has been doing some research and she's sorry to tell you that everything is your fault.

I grew up being bullied. Now I’ve written a book to help kids like me

Steff Green is turning her experience of bullying into a story of hope for young children in the form of a new picture book.

Why can’t kids be included when their parents graduate university?

What are our children missing out on when they're excluded from graduation ceremonies? What is it like for parents? Heidi North makes the case for inclusivity at universities.

Should we be raising our kids on fairy tales?

Fairy tales are a staple of most children’s reading experience – but should they be? Children’s storyteller Baz Macdonald wonders whether it's time that we retired fairy tales for good.

Finally, some useful advice for Jacinda and Clarke’s baby, from a real baby

NZ's top political podcaster and the Spinoff's chief infant correspondent offers some words of counsel

Just on the offchance anyone is looking for a name for their newborn

What will they name the New Zealand Royal Baby? It's one of the hardest decisions parents make, so we at The Spinoff Parents thought we would help. 

Emily Writes: Dear Jacinda and Clarke

The Spinoff parents editor's letter to Jacinda Ardern and Clarke Gayford on the birth of their first child.

Is it normal?: My toddler won’t poo!

Is it Normal is the Spinoff Parents advice column. Today we're looking at poo and we have expert help from toilet training expert Laura Morley.

Emily Writes: How to give birth – the definitive guide

Spinoff Parents editor Emily Writes is giving out advice again. Watch out.

A stay-at-home dad asks: Have you seen my masculinity?

Since becoming an at-home father, Adam Mamo has been on a desperate search for his masculinity – after all, he keeps being told it's gone missing.

On ya bike! The charity getting kids on Wellington’s mountain bike trails

Ash Peters is passing on her love of mountain biking to hundreds of families around the Wellington region. She spoke about how her charity is reaching all sorts of families who haven’t been on the trails before.