The 11-year-old feminist, activist and future PM

There's a photo taken a few years ago of Jacinda Ardern and a young girl called Jessica Tuhua. Remember it well, because one day it will be used to recall the moment one future female prime minister of New Zealand met another, writes Angela Cuming.

How Thom Yorke helped me to decide if I want another baby

Raising a child is hard. Caring for two is…harder? Sarah Bichan contemplates the pros and cons of having another child – with the assistance of Radiohead.

More than words: Learning te reo with my daughter

Nichole Brown shares a beautiful personal essay about how her daughter's thirst for knowledge has reignited her love for her te reo Māori.

‘I’m a better friend to myself than alcohol ever was’: A mother gives up drinking

Whether it's one glass while making dinner or a few at kids' birthday parties, it's often hard to separate motherhood from drinking. Mother of three Nadine Anne Hura writes about why she finally decided to quit for good.

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Why ‘Love, Simon’ is a holy freaking huge awesome deal!

Chaz Harris shares the impact Love, Simon had on him as a gay man and how important representation in film and literature is.

The CEO of Variety calls for New Zealanders to back the Child Poverty Reduction Bill

Lorraine Taylor, CEO of Variety – the Children’s Charity, believes the Child Poverty Reduction Bill is an important tool to addressing New Zealand’s child poverty situation. She is imploring Kiwis to get behind the Bill by signing their name to an open letter to MPs before April 4.

What is happening to the beloved Te Papa Colossal Squid?

There are changes afoot at Te Papa. And the question on every parent's lips is: What will happen to the Giant Squid every child is obsessed with? Spinoff Parents editor Emily Writes went on a squid hunt.

Reo 2 Go: The social group helping whānau learn te reo

Nadine Anne Hura shares the challenges of encouraging te reo Māori with teenagers and the joy of  total immersion environments for all of the whānau.

What it’s really like being a stay at home dad

Our stay at home dad columnist Adam Mamo on the joys and challenges of being a stay at home dad.

Disability is not a dirty word: Moving away from ‘special needs’

When it comes to minority groups, getting the words right is important. Tessa Prebble explores the popular term “special needs” when it comes to being a parent of a child with disabilities, and asks whether in using that term we are doing our children a disservice.

The New Zealand insect expert and author, aged 10

Olly Hills couldn't find a field guide to native New Zealand cicadas, so he decided to fill the gap. Angela Cuming caught up with the young biologist to talk about his first book.

Dad versus Baby Mum Mum 2 Mum: a father on mother-centric branding

At-home dad Adam Mamo is sick of advertising around parenting brands. Why, he asks, does everything have to be so gendered?

World Down Syndrome Day is a chance to change attitudes

New Zealand's Disability Rights Commissioner Paula Tesoriero asks for attitudes toward disability to change and encourages the celebration of the lives and achievements of people with Down syndrome.

Loving and leaving my drug addicted partner

A mother writes of her journey of love and loss in this beautiful personal essay about trying to raise children around addiction.

‘We have two lives in our hands and we’re paid less than minimum wage’

As part of our series on the midwifery crisis, The Spinoff Parents editor Emily Writes asked midwives to share what's gone wrong, and how they believe the crisis can be solved.

Emily Writes: How terrified should I be about my kids going away to university?

Spinoff Parents editor Emily Writes unloads her anxiety about her children who are nowhere near university age one day maybe going to university onto Spinoff staffers, genuine millennials, and recent students Alex Braae and Alice Webb-Liddall.