Breeder's Digest: The terrible dreaded gastro and useful tips for Christmas

FYI: November's edition of Breeder's Digest contains poetry and piano.

My parents were stoners and that's why I don't want marijuana legalised

A public referendum on legalising cannabis for personal use may be held by the 2020 election as part of a possible agreement between the Green and Labour parties. One mother shares her own story to explain why she's desperately hoping legalisation won't happen.

How to listen to your favourite music from your teens with your kids

Want to introduce your small child to the favourite bands of your youth without scaring them with Little Earthquakes or Hounds of Love? Sam Brooks has you covered.

A child reacts to Australia’s marriage equality vote

Last month, eight-year-old Nicholas wrote about his mums Katherine and Roanne, and the national referendum asking Australians to vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on the rights of rainbow families. We asked him to write again about the result of the vote, and what's next for his family.

How to get your child to poo in the toilet

Most of us have forgotten that we had to learn how to poo in a toilet. It can be scary and overwhelming for a child, and it's our job as parents to show empathy even when we are sick of cleaning up poo. Laura Morley is an expert in helping parents to help their children learn how to use a toilet. Here's her advice.