Ardern makes big call on offshore oil. Is this her nuclear free moment?

Jacinda Ardern sprung a surprise this morning in announcing an end to offshore oil exploration. So what's the catch?

Memo to Wayne Mapp: New Zealanders want more rapid transit, fewer new roads

Housing and Transport Minister Phil Twyford responds to Wayne Mapp's Spinoff column accusing Twyford and Jacinda Ardern of 'sounding like zealots' over public transport and affordable housing.

Why we can’t divorce genuine climate action from social justice

The idea that we have to ‘choose’ between policy priorities couldn't be a bigger stack of nonsense, says Green MP Chloe Swarbrick

Why Labour and the Greens should tear up their fiscal straitjacket

When your house is in decay, a refusal to spend money to fix it is the opposite of prudent

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Marama Davidson: If I’m going to be labelled radical, I’m fine with that

The Greens are often condemned for being too radical, and the claims have been flying thick and fast since the election of new co-leader Marama Davidson. But, she tells Alex Braae, she wears the term with pride. 

Ardern and Twyford are betting their futures on voters backing their zealotry

On Transport and housing, Labour is moving into the dangerous territory of telling people how they should live, writes Wayne Mapp

Who is Marama Davidson and what kind of a co-leader will she be?

Eight snackable facts about the new co-leader of the NZ Green Party and the challenges she faces

Sir Michael Cullen: ‘tax is not a necessary evil – it’s a necessary part of a civilised society’

The former deputy prime minister and chair of Labour’s tax working group talks to Duncan Greive about housing, tax, Bill English and Labour’s big 2017 campaign mistake.

First blood: Odds on which minister will be first to be forced out

There's nothing quite like the drama of a good ministerial sacking. So who in this government will be the first to be shown the door, or walk through it all on their own?

Tax is not love, it’s violence: David Seymour tears into Duncan Greive

Last week The Spinoff's managing editor published an op-ed celebrating the nation-building value of taxation. Act leader David Seymour was not impressed.

Who’ll emerge victorious from the Green Party co-leadership race?

Welcome to the Cheat Sheet, a clickable, shareable, bite-sized FAQ on the news of the moment. Today, it's the Green Party co-leadership race.

This plan signals a major gear shift for transport in New Zealand

The new government yesterday announced its blueprint for an overhaul of transport funding in New Zealand. Matt Lowrie of Greater Auckland delivers his verdict. 

Workers are missing out on their share of growth, and they’re mad as hell

New Zealand’s workers are underpaid and, increasingly, they aren’t willing to put up with it. Alex Braae looks at the recent surge in industrial disputes and strikes in New Zealand.

Clare Curran and co must take more care not to put public servants at risk

Coffee with an acquaintance can still be an attempt to influence. Ministers should never approach public servants the way Curran did Carol Hirschfeld, writes the PSA’s Glenn Barclay 

Politics podcast: Breaking Astoria in Curran affairs

In this edition of Gone By Lunchtime Plus, we order soy mocha-lattés and size up a challenging month for Jacinda Ardern and her government.

Give us our red socks, and $212m public money, for the 2021 Economist’s Cup

Eric Crampton lays out a compelling argument for an international economists' regatta that will pump cash into the NZ economy.