Ardern says she wants radical transformation. Time to start believing she means it

The countless working groups are a kind of stalking horse for a big change, and voters will get to decide come 2020

David Seymour says he wants to abolish Māori seats. Can he?

The ACT Party wants to abolish the Māori seats, and lower the number of MPs wholesale. Do they have any chance of getting it through?

Good Week, Bad Week: 10 August 2018

Spinoff editor Toby Manhire reviews the last seven days in New Zealand news, sorting out those riding high from those who wish they could crawl back under the bedcovers.

The big problem with the ‘KFC test’ for tenants

The MP who rumbled property managers talking about the so-called 'KFC test' for tenants writes about why they need to be stopped.

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The Ardern government and business are playing a high stakes game of chicken

Business is saying move over, you're on the wrong side of the road. The government is refusing to budge. Who is going to capitulate first?

Seven other horrifying incidents Jacinda Ardern must immediately condemn

Judith Collins called on Jacinda Ardern to condemn France over a story she sourced from Turns out it's the tip of the iceberg

A year on, why Jacinda Ardern was the right leader at the right time

Likability was the catalyst that made new government possible, and it's hard to sympathise with National's recently discovered attachment to the importance of substance, writes Danyl Mclauchlan

LinkedIn just became a political grenade, and no one knows what they’re on about

If Pauline Kingi has really resigned for poking someone 23 times on professional Facebook, then that’s a real bloody shame

The Jacindaregnum: how did Winston Peters fare as acting PM?

It was always in his interests to keep things stable, and Peters proved to be at his pin-striped best

The Winstonmageddon-o-meter™: Does this mean war?

New Zealand's leading data visionaries Hayden Donnell and Toby Morris read the nation's thermometer as it undergoes the six-week Jacinderregnum

NZ’s public sector needs to get on board with AI, or the future is bleak

Trusting machines to predict citizens' need for targeted resources can be damaging and increase bias. New Zealand has no choice but to get onboard.

Simon Bridges’ big conference speech: did he drum up a new National vision?

In presenting himself with a new, softer image, the National leader's conference speech sought to move beyond relitigating the fights of the past, writes Ben Thomas

Why Question Time is more than just squabbling and mud-slinging

From the outside, parliamentary Question Time looks like a juvenile farce. But it matters far more than many give it credit.

Simon Bridges: Our medicinal cannabis bill is no stunt, but it is miles better

National's leader justifies the decision to put forward a rival bill on medicinal marijuana

Politics podcast: Breaking news, the prime minister had a baby

Gone By Lunchtime is not dead, it's just been sleeping. Toby Manhire, Annabelle Lee and Ben Thomas reunite in an emotional podcast .

‘Waka jumping’ is the wrong name for this junk law. Here’s five better options

The decision to support Winston Peters' beloved caucus-cementing bill is bad karma for the Green Party