Life after Colin: Can the rebranded Conservatives rescue the NZ right?

They might have rebranded, they want us to know they've changed. And yet the party now known as New Conservative say they have the same values as when they were just the Conservatives. Is there any chance they’ll be taken seriously?

Does Jacinda Ardern face a Helen Clark style winter of discontent?

From day one, Clark's government was confronted by a revolt from the NZ business world, and there is a similar chill in the air today.

These education reforms put the sector at the precipice of disaster

The hyperactive drive to modernise is replacing genuine education with social engineering.

National announces benefit concert to aid those failed by the last government

The impact of the last government is being felt across NZ. At last there will be a reckoning.

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Why we’re determined to work with the government on the qualifications review

But it relies on the minister ensuring a properly collaborative process, writes Nikki Kaye.

Labour’s Kiwibuild project: talking big, thinking small

Labour's inexplicable timidity risks turning the much-vaunted KiwiBuild policy into a damp squib, argues Guyon Espiner for RNZ.

Announcing a major new business: Spinoff Ghost Contamination Testing Inc

We will also test Housing NZ properties for traces of students, pets and bad vibes.

Simon Bridges needs to make friends. But voters know bullshit when they smell it

National might be the largest polling party, but they're sorely lacking any serious parliamentary sidekick.

Polls reveal a steep task for Simon Bridges, but could yet prove a godsend

What is Winston Peters likely to try as prime minister, when he's so low in the polls?

What does the parliamentary speaker do, and why is he under fire?

The role of the speaker and the schoolyard scrap of Question Time are in the news as Paula Bennett and Gerry Brownlee square up against Trevor Mallard. What's it all about? Chris Bramwell of RNZ explains 

How the Bennett vs Mallard standoff exposes a paradox at the heart of politics

The scrap between National and the speaker is an example of the Nash Equilibrium, and points to an altogether deeper sorrow and madness

A critical analysis of parliamentary power sits

Every little advantage counts in Parliament. Madeleine Chapman and Ra Pomare critically analyse the power sits of Question Time.

Hurray, the witless super-prison plan is dead. But what will be done instead?

It’s encouraging that members of this government finally seem to get it: prisons just don't work. So now what?

Why New Zealand can’t accept South African farmers in the refugee quota

The new government needs to roll back a policy that stops Africans claiming refugee status – and undermines the human rights at the foundation of our refugee policy, argues Murdoch Stephens.

Parliament must ensure we don’t sign away values for trade

The way we sign up to trade deals must change, and parliament needs to lead the process to prevent flawed agreements like the TPP getting through.

A squandered opportunity to be transformational on poverty

The Labour-led government has missed its chance to help those in the worst poverty