Winston's history: what can we learn from the NZ First deals with National and Labour?

In 1996, NZ First went into coalition with Winston Peters' old party. In 2005 it propped up a Labour government. Branko Marcetic looks back at those examples and how they fared.

I thought you had my back, Marama?

On Friday the Māori Party issued a press release that criticised Labour for legalising same sex marriage. An aghast Laura O'Connell Rapira responds.

Lance O'Sullivan explains why he is running for the Māori Party in 2020

After several years of flirting with the bloodsport we call politics, 2014 New Zealander of the Year Dr Lance O'Sullivan has entered the fracas, announcing he will run for the Māori Party in 2020. But why? And what does he stand for? Don Rowe finds out. 

Baemian Light: A date with the new leader of United Future

In the 36 Questions Project, Meg Williams takes a politician on a date and asks them the 36 Questions, a series of conversation starters designed to make two people fall in love. In this episode, Williams meets brand new United Future leader, 33-year-old Damian Light, for Japanese food.