The YHA was set up by volunteer members. Now it’s refusing to listen to them

Former YHANZ board member and Opoutere YHA member Mark Ebrey argues that the national board of the Youth Hostel Association is losing touch with the people that really matter – it's members.

Chemo works, so we fund it properly. Why not do the same for counselling?

The case for universal, free counselling for all New Zealanders.

The daily commute: a disability perspective

Able-bodied commuters who think they're up against it would do well to take a moment to consider the challenges faced by disabled people on the same journey.

Honey, we bought a road: how KiwiSaver can save our infrastructure

KiwiSavers like you and me are the benefactors New Zealand's infrastructural development is looking for, says Simplicity’s Sam Stubbs.

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How an online casino is exploiting a legal loophole to prey on Kiwi gambling addicts

Overseas gambling site JackpotCity is getting around legal restrictions to advertise on NZ television – then using aggressive sales tactics to keep vulnerable gamblers hooked.

Tauranga, the Miami of New Zealand, needn’t be a cultural wasteland

New Zealand's fifth biggest city is remarkably thin on culture, writes Rebecca Galloway, and it's time to change that. Just like the real Miami.

Commute Week: Commute pictures from all around the country*

The Spinoff concludes Commute Week by sharing commute images from you, our lovely readers.

My life in commuting

Commute week: Sam Brooks muses on the commutes of his life - from going to school with his grandfather to a puberty-filled school bus to bumming rides of friends, and what they meant to him.

The famously bad Rangiora to Christchurch commute is… actually getting better

The rush-hour drive from Rangiora into Christchurch is bad enough to give Auckland a run for its money. But Jamie Small finds it's no longer a commute from hell.

Managing your money and mental health

The relationship between your financial health and your mental health is inseparable. 

Social investment will lead to more Māori in youth court

Why are young Māori over-represented in New Zealand's youth justice system? Maybe we could start by asking them, writes Victoria University's Sarah Monod de Froideville.  

How public transport saved my marriage

Finding existential fulfilment on the public transport.

What is being done about sexual harassment on public transport?

It’s a regular occurrence for some and may be a surprise to many, so what is really being done to combat sexual harassment on public transport? Alex Casey talks to the people trying to change your commute for the better.

Five people to avoid sitting next to on public transport

Toby Morris sizes up the lord guardian of the extra seat, and other passengers we love to hate.

Phones, trombones, placentas: the weird world of NZ transport lost property

You don't know what you've got until it's gone, unless that's a human placenta or a full sized cello. We present the most bizarre items left behind on public transport.

Greened out: Weed buyers crash crowdfund site

Crowdfunding platform PledgeMe has been overwhelmed by demand from investors into a medicinal cannabis company. How? Why? Find out in today's cheat sheet.