Should this big global company be part of a billion-dollar NZ research fund?

Pearson Education runs a for-profit programme in the Global South, and it once tried to sue Rangitoto College

Dr Lance O’Sullivan: State housing is making children chronically sick

Dr Lance O'Sullivan has issued a challenge to Phil Twyford after concluding state housing is a direct cause of kids becoming chronically ill.

Lunchbox shaming matters – but combatting childhood obesity matters more

The debate about lunchbox shaming risks leaving us powerless to combat a far greater health emergency, writes public health consultant Victoria Mulligan. Dr Rebekah Graham last week called to end food …

The Spinoff Reviews: New Zealand roads

We review the entire country and culture of New Zealand, one thing at a time. Today, Hayden Donnell reviews all New Zealand roads after driving 2500km in four days.

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To ban, or not to ban: an (agnostic) Muslim’s view

Auckland Council’s cancellation of two alt-right personalities' venue booking has been justified on the basis of their 'divisive' views. Whatever happened to the liberal ideal of free speech, asks Ali Shakir.

Why the new Defence purchases deserve close scrutiny

Monday's announcement that the government would be spending billions on surveillance planes was in stark contrast to the nurses' placards, writes Guyon Espiner.

I can’t believe we haven’t already, but we need to ban gay conversion therapy

Aotearoa must follow the lead of Britain and legally prohibit this pernicious practice, writes Toni Duder of RainbowYouth

Nurses’ strike begins: all you need to know

A 24-hour strike is under way after last-ditch talks failed yesterday. What it’s all about and what does it mean for patients?

What will happen tomorrow when the nurses strike?

Nurses have rejected a last-minute DHB offer and tomorrow will go on strike. Here's what to expect. 

Hey Christians, Jesus would have baked the cake

A Warkworth baker who spurned a lesbian couple's wedding cake request highlights the simmering tension in some parts of society between gay rights and religious freedom.

The Spinoff TV: Kiddie Booze!

A Christchurch racing club is offering 'kiddie picks', where children bet on the horses for lollies. Inspired, The Spinoff TV's Hayden Donnell got to work on his own R18 product for kids.

The law and Southern-Molyneux: even terrible, no good people have rights

If you think there's an easy answer on the whole Lauren Southern/Stefan Molyneux saga, law professor Andrew Geddis reckons you probably haven't thought about it hard enough.

Drop in census response rate prompts Stats NZ to plug gaps with other data

Statistics NZ has conceded that the 2018 census response rate may be down by almost 5%, sparking concerns that some groups might not be adequately represented

A ferocious debate between three implacable enemies about free speech

Danyl Mclauchlan sits down with Danyl Mclauchlan and Danyl Mclauchlan to debate the free speech issue.

Forgive us, O Whale, release us from your cursed tempest

The burghers of Wellington have been lashed by storms, almost certainly because the whale is angry about something. How might they seek absolution?

Kiwis of Snapchat: Boycott Air New Zealand!

If Air New Zealand is going to betray its country by selling fake meat, I'll just have to take my business elsewhere.