There’s a better way than Ray Avery’s pods to save babies in developing countries

Sometimes, the solution to a big problem doesn’t lie in western technology. Sometimes the solution can be simple

C’s get degrees: the extra tough law school grading at Victoria University

Victoria University has this week been shown to award significantly more C and D grades to its law students than the Universities of Auckland and Otago. But does it matter?

Why MPs playing wheelchair dress-ups is such a terrible idea

Our wheelchairs are not gimmicks to help you realise 'how good you’ve got it', writes Red Nicholson.

‘We’re not here to judge your lifestyle, we’re here to make sure you’re housed’

Housing First is designed to get the most vulnerable homeless people into stable accommodation irrespective of mental or physical wellbeing or any history of substance abuse

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‘Who do you despise more?’ Jordan Williams and Colin Craig at the Supreme Court

The long-running and expensive legal spat arrived at NZ's highest court this week. What happened?

On the Rag: How do TERFs get to call themselves feminists?

Listen to Alex Casey, Leonie Hayden and Michele A’Court tackle the past month in women, news and popular culture, with thanks to our friends at The Women’s Bookshop. 

A Pacific powderkeg: why Nauru will dominate the news this week

Jacinda Ardern flies to Nauru this week for the Pacific Islands Forum, and the host is already making headlines way beyond the official agenda

Oh the humanities! On the state of arts study at New Zealand universities

In the wake of this week's news about Otago University's art history programme, Francis McWhannell considers the current crisis in the arts in tertiary education and wonders whether we’re beyond salvation.

Claiming tenants like letting fees is a sick joke that underlines the need for change

A landlords' spokesman's claim that renters like paying letting fees shows how disgracefully lopsided our rental market has become – and how desperately we need tenancy reform.

The Side Eye: Humanoid Language Week

It's that time again: Humanoid Language Week. Is Human a dying language? Do humans have it too easy?

‘Baffling hypocrisy’: Wilderpeople star slams use of film in gambling promotion

The acclaimed Hunt for the Wilderpeople is the main attraction on a new line of Instant Kiwi scratchie cards, raising concerns among actors, artists and anti-gambling activists.

Maraenui: The suburb swallowed by synthetics

In Napier's poorest suburb dominates, and, each evening, 'The Nui' falls into darkness and synthetic cannabis joints are lit.

The bizarre true story of the gun club which invaded the Makarau Valley

Critics claim the controversial Auckland Shooting Club is pulling a fast one on the community by filing a resource consent that doesn't represent what's actually going on in this sleepy rural glen.

Yes, law firm culture is fucked. And nothing is going to change anytime soon

Anton Smith worked at big law firms for years, and welcomes signs the profession wants to change their workplace culture. But, he warns, without a massive industry shift any plans for improvement are doomed to fail.

Get ready with the On the Rag team (WATCH)

How hard can it be to film a Youtube beauty tutorial? The On the Rag team share their expertise. 

Stop whispering: It’s time we all started talking openly about suicide

It's up to all of us to start the conversation – and keep talking.