The children of New Zealand just gave our politicians a roasting

Calum Henderson watches Face the Classroom, TVNZ's two-night special that forced our politicians to confront their harshest critics – the children of NZ. 

The Real Pod: Art and Matilda are engaged and we are not going to be chill about it

The Real Pod team assemble in the boardroom of dreams to talk reality TV and real life in New Zealand, including The Block disaster, Max Key's new merch and the engagement of the King and Queen of New Zealand television. 

Help me: I've started agreeing with Mike Hosking's opinions

Last seen two weeks ago sipping on a pink panther at Toni Street's birthday party, Mike Hosking made his return to terrestrial television last night. Tara Ward was watching. 

I was there when The Block NZ shat itself

The live auction final of The Block NZ tonight delivered more thrills and spills than Wolfkamp on a motorised chilly bin. Jane Yee was in the room, and bring us this harrowing report.